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Club Membership 2024 Donation and Patrons




Donation and Patrons

Support the spirit of cricketing excellence and community at Hilversum Cricket Club by contributing as a valued Patron through donations.

Your donation plays a pivotal role in:

1. Nurturing the growth and development of aspiring young cricketers.
2. Enhancing our club’s infrastructure and facilities for a superior cricketing experience.
3. Enabling outreach programs to promote cricket within the local community.
4. Supporting initiatives aimed at fostering sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership among players.

As a Patron, you become an integral part of our cricketing family, contributing significantly to the club’s continued success and the wider community’s benefit.

Join hands with us through your generous donation to champion the spirit of cricket and inspire the next generation of cricketers. Your support ensures that Hilversum Cricket Club remains a vibrant hub for cricket enthusiasts, dedicated to excellence and inclusivity.


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