Cricket Pitch Installed for Season 24

Cricket Pitch in Hilversum

April 29, 2024 in Hilversum, something special happened. The Hilversumsche Cricket Club, cricket community of Hilversum, installed a cricket pitch for season 2024.

From early in the morning until late at night, Hilversumsche Cricket Club volunteers, coordinators (Postie , Kaushal, Rohit , Shankar , Shreyas , Partha , Amit , Bhargav), people from Hilversum Gemeente, and skilled gardeners worked hard together. They started at 7:30 AM and worked for more than 11 hours.

Everyone Working Together

It was amazing to see people from all over come together to help. Each person brought their own skills and enthusiasm. The coordinators did a great job organizing everything, and Hilversum Gemeente provided support and resources, showing how much they cared about this project.

A Fresh Cricket Pitch

Despite the challenges, the day went smoothly. Thanks to careful planning and hard work, they overcame problems easily. By the end of the day, there it was—a brand new cricket pitch, ready for games.

Celebrating Together

As the day ended, tired but happy volunteers gathered to talk about what they had accomplished. It wasn’t just about a cricket pitch; it was about coming together as a community and achieving something great.

A big thank you to Hilversum Gemeente for their help and support. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.

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